Whiteladies Road footpaths

There is currently a consultation on a proposed Whiteladies Road Flood Alleviation and Footpath Scheme. There is a need to address both the flooding problems and the uneven footway due to tree roots between the Tyndall’s Park Road junction and the Queen’s Road junction on Whiteladies Road. However, the proposed solution is likely to cause more problems for pedestrians than it solves.

In the BWA response, we say we do not agree with the proposed solution, which would place the footway next to moving traffic on this busy road. The proposed removal of the cycle lane might also lead to more cycling or scooter riding on the footway.

In our response we propose an alternative solution that improves the current footway while introducing a grass verge for better permeability and drainage to alleviate flooding.

One thought on “Whiteladies Road footpaths”

  1. We do not want the bike lane removed. There is too much expectation that bikes will travel on equal terms with cars, buses, and lorries in the main road. They can’t and if there is no bike lane, some people will not bicycle at all.

    The pavement should not be moved out into the main road. It should stay where it is and other solutions found to the flooding and tree roots.

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