Bristol Walking Alliance

The Bristol Walking Alliance is a consortium of organisations and individuals campaigning to improve Bristol’s walking environment.  We want to create an environment for pedestrians that is welcoming, safe, convenient and inclusive.

Our motivation, goal and areas of focus are set out in more detail under What we want.

Our current campaigns

  • Pavement parking: removing obstructions, especially vehicles, that block the footway.
  • Better air quality: reducing emissions that affect our health when travelling.
  • Continuous footways: giving pedestrians priority and a level surface at minor road junctions.
  • Planning: commenting on local planning proposals that affect the walking infrastructure.
  • Policy: commenting on city-wide travel strategy and policy.

If you would like to get involved, see How to join / contact us. We hold regular meetings for members of the Alliance, organise public events, and supporters can ask to receive a newsletter that provides updates on campaigns and events.