Commenting on Public Realm proposals

Whenever proposals are put forward for changes to the public realm (a planning term for all outdoor areas where the public is allowed access) Bristol Walking Alliance is keen to comment from the perspective of the pedestrian. We are increasingly getting involved in early consultations, sometimes even before proposals are made public.… Continue reading

Quakers Friars proposals

A planning proposal (19/04061/F) has been put forward to improve the public realm around Quakers Friars, in Bristol city centre, in order to attract more people to this retail and restaurant area. The proposals including decorated pavements, coloured lighting, wooden seating on perimeter walls, planting of small trees and raised planters.… Continue reading

Pavement parking – when will the government change the rules?

The Department of Transport has been conducting a review of pavement parking regulations for years. They still have not yet published proposals, but at a recent Transport Select Committee meeting, a transport minister gave an interesting insight into the current thinking.… Continue reading

Walk Fest walkability reports available for download

BWA ran several events during the Bristol Walk Fest in May. There were several guided walks in Bristol’s neighbourhoods, exploring the good and bad walking environments in each neighbourhood. This was followed by an event that brought together the findings. The presentations from the event are available to download below, as are the walkability reports from each walk.… Continue reading

Local Plan Review: second consultation

Bristol Council has been consulting on proposed changes to the Local Plan policies. BWA has responded to the second round of consultation.

The main points in our response are:

  • the loss of priority for pedestrians. The proposed policies are not a sufficient substitute for overall pedestrian priority as in policy BCS10 of previous plan.
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Bedminster Friendly Shops Project

Bedminster Friendly Shops Project is aimed at local businesses to encourage and help them become more accessible, both as individual premises and in terms of the walkability of streets that link them.

The campaign so far has included a number of initiatives:

  • promotion of the project via local media and direct to businesses;
  • street issues: reporting issues, encouraging action by the BCC Enforcement Team, delivering letters on residential sheets, talking to shops on North Street about A-boards;
  • identifying a network of ‘key routes’;
  • an offer to help design access ramps to shops;
  • creating a group to offer advice on accessibility issues from different perspectives;
  • initiatives to improve the street scene, eg seating, planting, art;
  • toilets: contacting businesses to encourage them to join the community toilets scheme in time for updating the local Toilet Map.
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