We have a Planning group, which is an informal group of BWA members who respond to planning consultations and applications that may have an effect on the walking environment.

Transport scheme consultations, often initiated by Bristol City Council, may be used to seek views on a proposed design. These schemes may come from funding for other transport modes, such as cycling or buses, but bring benefits for people on foot too. We have a shared goal with cyclists to improve the infrastructure for sustainable travel – though sometimes proposals require both groups to share space, to the detriment of each. See our stance on Shared Use.

Changes to the walking infrastructure can also come from developments that involve planning applications. We check that developers are asked to improve the footways and crossings around a development, especially if it is likely to give rise to more journeys, or is on a strategic walking route.

To get an idea of what the group does, take a look at the list of planning issues to which we have responded so far.

BWA members who would like to get involved in the work of our Planning group should contact us for details.