Somebody ought to …

It’s fine to say that somebody else ought to make Bristol more walkable and it’s true that BCC, the police and other agencies have an important role, but it’s also you and your neighbours that park cars poorly, leave obstacles on pavements and, on the good side, present attractive and flowery front gardens that make walking parts of our city a great pleasure. Many of Bristol’s 14 Neighbourhood Partnerships (NPs) are working to improve walkability, especially for those who have mobility or sight issues and for whom many of our streets are a dangerous obstacle course.

Within Neighbourhoods local people are urging neighbours to keep the pavements clear of recycling bins; reclaiming waste ground as community gardens and devising maps to encourage people to explore their neighbourhoods. Often the work is undertaken by community activists with a small grant from their NP to buy plants or fund a leaflet. Four NPs have already joined the Bristol Walking Alliance and we know that others are discussing doing so. Good, but it’s what happens on the street that counts. And there’s lots happening!

Better to say ‘we ought to…’.

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