BWA suggestions accepted for West Broad Quay

The West Broad Quay proposals have now received planning approval. The City Design Group of Bristol City Council has accepted some of the suggestions BWA made in its response to the plans for West Broad Quay. In particular, they have said they will add give way lines for bikes where pedestrians cross the delineated cycle route and an additional crossing point at the south end of Broad Quay.

There will also be additional gateway signs outside the site boundary and within the site to encourage respect for pedestrians. It is hoped the additional crossing point will help reduce cycle speeds, as will the accompanying signage.

BWA’s comments are fully covered in the Planning Officer’s Report. It acknowledges that our comments led to a change in the design to include an additional pedestrian crossing point: ‘The current scheme has emerged through responsive dialogue, with amended plans submitted to address comments raised on behalf of the Bristol Walking Alliance.’

The report says that ‘A future redesign of the fountains area may enable more space to be created’ and, though we realise this may not be imminent, BWA has urged that this be used as an opportunity to look again at providing a segregated cycle route.

The final plans may be found here.

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