Responding to City Centre Plans

There have been several planning applications made for developments in Bristol City centre recently that have an impact on the walking environment. BWA continues to monitor such applications, and has recently responded to the following.

Temple Quay / Avon Street

The proposed new residential block, with commercial units on the ground floor, would occupy the block bounded by Avon Street, Providence Place, Old Bread Street and New Kingsley Road. Though some improvements are proposed to the footways, BWA has objected, among other things, to the inadequate (1m wide) footway proposed along Providence Place – supposedly part of a secondary pedestrian route that should be subject to improvement. [See full response].

Temple Circus

The site of the old George and Railway Hotel at Temple Circus near Temple Meads Station is due to be redeveloped. BWA has commented on an outline planning application for a large development either side of the Brunel Mile footway/cycle way that will lead from the station to the Harbourside. We are concerned in particular that the footways around the development have not been given sufficient space or attention. [See full response].

Colston Hall

Part of the renovations underway at Colston Hall would include minor improvements to the pedestrian access to the Hall. BWA has asked that road crossings on Trenchard Street and Pipe Lane should at least be wider and better marked. But we have also suggested that the approach to the Hall could be made much more pedestrian-friendly by raising the roadway to footway level, providing a continuous pavement to indicate that pedestrians should be given priority when crossing the road here. [See full response].

Temple Quarter Campus

Though not yet at the stage of a planning application, Bristol University has been consulting on its proposals for the new £300m university campus behind Temple Meads station. BWA has submitted comments especially to point out that the future pedestrian access beneath the station and going through the campus will be a primary route. Current plans show this route to be compromised by not being on the pedestrian desire line and by having to negotiate two flights of steps and pass through a taxi drop-off area. [See full response].




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