Legibility of Queen Square

In our walking environment, ‘legibility’ is a term used to describe how easy it is to see where to go and how to get there. In spaces that are shared with others, such as cyclists, this becomes a matter of safety as well as convenience.

Bristol City Council, in response to public feedback made in 2016 on the Bugbears website, have put forward some proposals for minor changes to the shared space in College Green, Queen Square and the Brunel Mile. BWA has responded with a detailed set of comments.

We have asked for consistency of signage, and for more account to be taken of the number of walkers or cyclists using a space, especially as numbers grow. On the south side of Queen Square the signage delineating between pedestrians and cyclists is to be improved, hopefully to the benefit of both. However, we question the wisdom of walkers and cyclists having to ‘switch sides’ at the south-east corner of the Square.

Though the current funding can do little more than change some signage, we note that in future, with increased numbers of people walking and cycling, the Council must plan for better segregation between these modes of travel.

One thought on “Legibility of Queen Square”

  1. We were visiting the area for a family wedding.
    Sunday morning my husband and I were crossing a bridge ? And a cyclists headed toward my husband on two wheels causing us and other pedestrians to jump out of the way he also swore at us as he went off doing his acrobatics.
    We are breakfast near queens sq. And then allowed our 14 month old grandson to have a little walk about. .he had a 3 hour journey ahead. I filmed him toddling we encountered another cyclist riding at speed on the path and him screeching to avoid hitting me . . .cought on film. We didn’t feel very safe with the little one and found that we had to be on a constant lookout.
    We live in a city . . Liverpool. We were quite bemused by the whole blending of pedestrian and cyclist. . . ..are there any safe spaces for children ?
    We were not impressed. . .as pedestrian s visiting your area we spent quite a lot of money. . 7 hotel beds. . 7meals on Friday evening. .7 breakfasts on 2 days. . Without feeling safe and respected walking around i wonder whether it is worth ever returning.

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