Planning for new housing estates

Bristol City Council is planning for significant housing developments at Lockleaze and Hengrove. BWA is keen to see that sustainable travel, including provision for walking and public transport, is designed in to such developments from the start.

We have responded to the outline planning application for Hengrove Park (18/03537/PB) with a set of principles including:

  • Local shopping and food are available within a 10 minute walk.
  • Good bus services are available to the city centre and other parts of the city.
  • Smaller streets should include areas where children can play and neighbours can sit without passing traffic.

We are pleased to see that at least the first two of these are being addressed. Our full response (18_03537_PB-BWA-response.pdf) also sets out how we would expect the walking infrastructure to be safe, pleasant and accessible, for example by giving priority to pedestrians at road crossings.

Along with Bristol Cycling Campaign, we have asked that footways and cycleways should be separated by a physical barrier, such as a kerb, rather than just different colours or lines on a shared surface.

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