Commenting on Public Realm proposals

Whenever proposals are put forward for changes to the public realm (a planning term for all outdoor areas where the public is allowed access) Bristol Walking Alliance is keen to comment from the perspective of the pedestrian. We are increasingly getting involved in early consultations, sometimes even before proposals are made public. The advantage is that the Council or private developers get to hear what we may have concerns about, and can make amendments if possible before getting to the formal consultation stage.

For example, in September the Council held an informal drop-in consultation on the evolving public realm strategy for Broad Plain, including around the former Soapworks/Gardiner Haskins store. BWA submitted our initial comments, including the potential to better segregate pedestrian routes from cycles and motor vehicles.

We have also been involved in early stage discussions on public realm improvements at Southmead Arnside, along the A4018 corridor and for the new Bristol University library.

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