A37/A4018 Corridor response

Following in-depth consideration of the proposals being put forward for the A37/A4018 Corridor, BWA has submitted a detailed response to the consultation, which is now ending.

We support the many improvements that are being proposed to the pedestrian experience along the No 2 bus route. However, we point out four significant remaining problem areas:

  • Temple Meads to Three Lamps – no proposals are included for this dangerous narrow shared-use footway
  • Triangle to Park Street – includes two significant pinch points where footway widths are inadequate for the high pedestrian numbers
  • Crossing Wells Road at St John’s Lane – will still require five separate pedestrian crossing stages
  • Path alongside Westbury Road – should not be shared-use

Our response includes detailed comments for the whole route as well as arguments for tackling the four problems listed above.

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