Campaign to ban pavement parking in Bristol

The problem

Pavements take up a small proportion of the total road width, but suffer a disproportionate degree of obstruction. This is discrimination against people who walk and deters more people from walking, and we should do something about it! It is a nationwide problem.

For some people, it is more than an annoyance. Think what it’s like for those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or buggies, whose path is completely blocked because an obstruction leaves insufficient pavement width for them to pass. Think what it’s like for visually-impaired people.

BWA campaign

BWA’s campaign works on several levels:

  • nationally, BWA is lobbying to change the law to make enforcement simpler and easier – see our response to the Department of Transport consultation
  • at a city level, BWA is encouraging the council and the police to enforce the laws against pavement parking
  • we set up a petition that calls on all parties to back our campaign
  • we propose an initial 6-month trial ban on pavement parking in one or more areas of Bristol, as a possible forerunner of a citywide scheme
  • at a neighbourhood level, BWA is encouraging and facilitating community action.

How you can get involved:

Contact us at: