Nelson Street plans

BWA has submitted comments on draft plans for Nelson Street. The plans, funded by the Cycling Ambition Fund programme, include a segregated contraflow cycle lane. The plans aim to be pedestrian-friendly, but the space available is heavily constrained by the requirement that buses should be able to go past each other at bus stops.

Nelson Street is an important walking route between the Centre and Broadmead, designated a Primary Pedestrian Route in the Bristol Central Area Plan, and any re-design should recognise this.

With all the work in the Centre to make a better walking environment past the Cenotaph and on towards Broadmead, it is a shame that pedestrians are still going to be funnelled into a narrow, traffic-filled alleyway along Nelson Street. We strongly regret the decision that was made some time ago to route so many buses down Nelson Street, making the experience for pedestrians unpleasant. The requirement for two buses to pass each other and for a contraflow cycle lane, squeezes the space for pedestrians, who should be the priority users of this road.

BWA submitted comments under the following headings:

  • Pavement widths
  • Junctions and continuous pavements
  • Cycle lane design
  • Trees
  • Bridewell Street traffic flows

The full response may be found here.

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