Bedminster – Stafford Street

In the approved planning application for Bedminster Green Plot 4 by Dandara, Stafford Street is described as a “Pedestrian Priority Street”.
However, in the most recent highway details for Stafford Street (see 21/04684/COND), pedestrians are shown as occupying a 2.2m wide footway alongside a 1.1m wide cycleway separated only by a white line.
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Women Who Walk – online talk

As part of Bristol WalkFest, Bristol Walking Alliance and Bristol Health Partners have organised an online talk ‘Women Who Walk‘ on Tuesday 18th May at 7.30pm.

Chaired by BWA’s Suzanne Audrey, it will be an opportunity to hear Rhiane Fatinikun, founder of Black Girls Hike UK, and Sonia Overall, founder of Women Who Walk, talk about their organisations – and a chance to ask questions about what walking means to them.… Continue reading