Streets for people

The Bristol Walking Alliance campaigns for Streets for People.

Why Streets for People? Because the streets where we live and walk are sometimes harsh environments dominated by vehicle speed and obstructions, instead of being welcoming places to walk, stop and chat.

We are looking for:

streets continuous footways
wider pavements
20mph zones
fewer ‘rat runs’
street calming – pocket parks, cars as ‘guests’
seats and benches
obstructions removal of bins, overgrowth and A-boards that get in the way
control of pavement parking

We lobby the Council to address traffic speed and pavement obstruction problems to make streets more walkable. Examples of ways to address such problems can be found on Bristol’s Traffic Choices website. See for instance articles on road closure, parking deterrents, improving the footway environment.

We encourage residents to take back ownership to make their street more liveable. Some DIY opportunities may be found on the Sustrans website, in the ’your community’ section. BWA will work with others to develop a check-list for Bristol of what makes a liveable street, and what residents can do to make changes themselves.

Help us redress the balance. Tell us about what you have done to make your street more liveable.