Neighbourhood walking priorities.

At the Citywide Neighbourhood Partnership meeting last week, Carew Reynell and I led a short session that introduced the Bristol Walking Alliance. With six NPs already having joined the Alliance, and another imminent, the walking needs of our neighbourhoods are already a significant part of the work of the Alliance.

During the session, we asked participants what their suggestions would be for improving walking in our neighbourhoods. This is what was captured on the flipchart at the meeting, with my explanatory comments in italics where necessary:

  • Clear pavements
  • Overhanging hedges
  • No bins/rubbish
  • Cycling on pavements
  • Paths away from main roads [to avoid pollution/noise]
  • Restoring public rights of way
  • Solutions to help cyclists and walkers work better together
  • Better signposting and maps
  • Work with other authorities [routes that cross county boundary]
  • Repairing pavements
  • Benches
  • Taking pride in where you live
  • Enforcing speed limits
  • More crocodiles to school – teach young people to walk [safety near roads]
  • Provision/mapping of toilets
  • Speedwatch (fear of residents informing) [threatening behaviour towards Speedwatch volunteers]
  • Enforcing drivers who use phones
  • Green cross code
  • Parties [writing not clear – maybe street parties?]
  • Link Age – equalities groups [said we were already in contact with some]

Roger Gimson, Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership


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