BWA and equalities groups

BWA representatives have been talking to people from equality groups with more to go.

Not surprisingly, groups representing partially sighted and blind people and those with mobility problems have issues around the walking environment. Like most other people, they are concerned with broken pavements, obstructed pathways, speeding cyclists on the pavement, difficult or inadequate road crossings and fast cars. We’ve found that groups representing children and people with dementia feel much the same. Some groups have made the point strongly that a street in the dark can be very different from its daytime experience.

For many in Bristol, these hazards are an inconvenience. For some citizens, they are a real and present danger.

Two groups have already joined BWA (Playing Out and Bristol Disabilities Equality Forum) and we are hoping for others. More details later.

Just as Neighbourhood Partnerships bring a special knowledge of parts of Bristol to BWA, so the expertise of the equality groups will strengthen BWA’s understanding of how the walking environment impacts on the wider Bristol community. Certainly BWA and the equalities groups will be seeking to influence Bristol’s Walking Strategy which is currently under review.

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