Response to plans for West Broad Quay

Bristol Walking Alliance has submitted a response to the BCC Planning Application 16/06935/FB for West Broad Quay in Bristol city centre. The application proposes a delineated cycle route through the space, which is currently shared between pedestrians and cyclists, as well as re-landscaping the ramp and steps to create more usable space.

Our response says BWA has strong reservations over some aspects of the cycle route, but that the proposal is better than the current situation of cyclists taking ‘random’ routes through the space. We said we would, however, much prefer a segregated route if possible for this busy location.

We did not put in a formal objection as it seems the planning application is primarily oriented towards the landscaping changes. The cycle route change, though requiring a Traffic Regulation Order (which should have to undergo its own formal consultation in due course), could be made without planning permission.

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