Silverthorne Lane early proposals

Within the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, significant development is expected in the St Philip’s Marsh area over the coming years. One early proposal is to redevelop the area between Silverthorne Lane and the Feeder Canal being put forward by Feeder Estates LLP, a partnership managed by Square Bay. It will include new homes, a secondary school, academic, office and employment space and student accomodation.

BWA has welcomed the principles of prioritising pedestrian and cycle movements and making Silverthorne Lane car free as far as possible. We also welcome the idea of a Canal Walk alonside the Feeder Canal, though hope it can be longer and more open than currently shown.

We have submitted our preliminary comments to the developers that also remind them of the need for pedestrians not to have to share space with vehicle and cycle traffic, especially considering this will be a route to school.

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