Response to City Centre Framework consultation

BWA has submitted its response to the Bristol City Centre Framework consultation. This sets out the Council’s proposed development goals for an area that includes Lewins Mead, the Old City, Broadmead, Castle Park, and Temple Street.

BWA commented in particular on the proposed movement framework, and suggested it should have the following goals:

  • more people walking into the centre from the surrounding areas;
  • easier to get from one part of the centre to another on foot;
  • differentiation between ‘travel’ routes and ‘leisure’ spaces;
  • guaranteed accessible routes (e.g. adequate width, lack of obstructions, level surfaces);
  • fewer places where walking is compromised by other transport modes.

Unfortunately, though one of the stated aims of the framework is new and expanded pedestrian priority areas, it conspiculously fails to identify a set of walking routes across the centre.

The BWA response (pdf, 1.8MB) fills in the gap by identifying an extended set of walking routes and the minimum standards they should meet. It also points out several places where walking is compromised and how they could be improved.

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