More advertising applications

BWA is joining Adblock Bristol in objecting to the latest planning applications for advertising signs in the city centre.

UPDATE: On 11th July, the BCC Development Control Committee refused permission for both huge advertising panels, with BWA having submitted a statement objecting to them as a potential safety hazard to pedestrians.

In the past 12 months there have been 57 applications for on-street phones with large digital advertising panels. Bristol City Council Planning Officers have refused all 25 of the latest round of applications for InLink monoliths. Adblock has listed some of the reasons given for their refusal.

Out of a previous set of 23 applications for advert / phones by Euro Payphone, which were also refused by the Council, 19 are currently on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

A set of 9 applications by Infocus Public Networks for installing digital advertising on existing phone kiosks have been approved by the Council.

The latest planning applications are for two huge advertising panels alongside Temple Way / Bond Street South. They would be 11 metres tall, with digital advertising panels that are 8m x 5m. Both panels would be situated beside the roadway a few metres before pedestrian crossings.

The purpose of advertising is to capture the attention of the passer-by. By doing so, these signs will take the attention of the motorist away from the road and in particular the pedestrian crossing lights and roadway. It will therefore put in jeopardy all pedestrians crossing the road at these points.

BWA will be supporting Adblock Bristol in opposing the effect of blanket advertising such as this, and also making its own statement about the pedestrian safety issues to the Planning Committee that is expected to consider these applications in the next few weeks.


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  1. Twice l have been following cars that have swerved as they passed a large road side advertising hoarding
    Because they were distracted. Which OF COURSE is the whole point of them. They should NEVER be allowed-or advertising trucks on motorway bridges either.

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