Railway Path proposals

BWA has commented on Sustrans proposals for changes to the Bristol Bath Railway Path. The proposals are place-making and speed-calming interventions at six points along the path between the city centre end of the path and Clay Bottom.

The Railway Path has become a victim of its own success. The path carries high volumes of cyclists, particularly at commuting times, whilst also being an important urban park for people who live nearby. At times, these two uses conflict. The Sustrans £1m project is a welcome initiative to improve the Path, but it could never meet the needs of all users.

In that context, the BWA comments start by discussing whether this is the right project, and considers the needs of the different users. We support the project’s multi-user approach and proposed key principles. However, we do not think the changes by themselves will make much difference to the cycle speed of many of the commuters. The physical changes need to be accompanied by other initiatives to address cycle speed.

The full response is here.
This is the project’s Facebook page.

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