Local Plan review and Urban Living consultation

Bristol Council has been consulting on proposed changes to the Local Plan policies. This is a scheduled review to reflect changes over the last 5 years. A particular theme is “Urban Living”, which is a policy that prioritises housing growth in certain city areas, with denser development, primarily on brownfield sites.… Continue reading

Nelson Street plans

BWA has submitted comments on draft plans for Nelson Street. The plans, funded by the Cycling Ambition Fund programme, include a segregated contraflow cycle lane. The plans aim to be pedestrian-friendly, but the space available is heavily constrained by the requirement that buses should be able to go past each other at bus stops.… Continue reading

Hotwell Road / Anchor Road

Better for buses – but what about pedestrians?

BWA has responded to Bristol City Council proposals for improving the bus route into Bristol city centre along Hotwell Road and Anchor Road.

In our response to the consultation, we state our belief that the opportunity provided by this kind of infrastructure investment is not being adequately used to improve the environment for pedestrians, who, after all, include all bus users.… Continue reading

Sub-regional transport plan

The four local authorities of the West of England have published a draft Spatial Plan and a draft Transport Vision for the next 20 years. The BWA has commented on the draft Transport Vision.

We support much of the Vision, particularly the goal of ‘transport-focussed development’, with new housing in existing urban centres and settlements and transport corridors, and the proposed investment in transport infrastructure intended to reduce the proportion of commuter journeys undertaken by car from 60% to 46%.… Continue reading

Sub-regional planning

sub-regional-planBristol Walking Alliance (BWA) has commented on the Issues and Options consultation for the West of England sub-region’s Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study, which set out possible ways forward for the period to 2036 in the context of a projected housing need of 88,000 homes. This is a summary of our comments. Continue reading “Sub-regional planning”