City Centre Development and Delivery Plan

Bristol City Council is setting out a vision and strategy for regenerating the city centre. The Bristol City Centre Development and Delivery Plan (CCDDP) sets out a vision that focuses on opening up the City Centre for a wider range of activities, including leisure and residential as well as retail.

In the CCDDP consultation documents, six themed strategies are outlined, covering identity, community, movement, public realm, green infrastructure and land use. Additionally there is a Placemaking Plan for Broadmead and a more detailed Masterplan for Castle Park.

BWA has responded to the latest consultation. We welcome the proposals, which address many of the issue we raised in our initial comments in May 2022.

In our response, we also point out a number of areas in which we would like to see more detail, including the siting of bus stops, the proposals for a mobility hub, the impact of building height and access routes to Castle Park.

One thought on “City Centre Development and Delivery Plan”

  1. We need to ensure that enough toilets are provided, mother and baby changing areas, and where babies can be fed in quiet . Elderly people need rest areas and cafe’s, and banks are included, and a balance of entertainment and recreation exists. Castle park needs to be protected as a recreation area, but also as a place where talks and larger meetings can continue to be. People with physical and other disabilities need to feel safe. Marches and other demonstrations need to continue safely. Public transport needs to have better seating, at the moment many have to stand who need because of age or physical illness are currently prevented from sitting, most of the seats at bus stops can only accommodate 5 people and the bus stops do not at the moment have the capacity to shelter many from rain or snow. Many bus stops do not have monitors to keep people waiting aware of when and which buses are arriving. Adequate rubbish bins need to be strategically placed, and adequate cash machines need to remain. At the moment parts of the city do not have enough safe public crossings, and pedestrians put themselves at risk. Drinking water for pets, birds and other wild life in the city needs to be protected and historic areas, about the history of the city need to be highlighted which should include the good and bad events from the past. i hope you take my comments seriously.

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