Future of the City Centre

Bristol City Council have started to produce a plan to guide the long-term regeneration of central Bristol. The City Centre Development and Delivery Plan looks ahead as far as 2050.

BWA has responded to a call for initial views on what should be included in the plan.

As well as suggesting some general principles and measures that we believe are relevant to drawing up the plan, we have listed some areas for specific improvements to the walking environment. These include:

  • re-thinking St James Barton Roundabout to make it greener and better connected for pedestrians,
  • making Nelson Street free of traffic, including buses, to provide a welcoming pedestrian and cycle link between the Cenotaph and Broadmead, and
  • aiming for Broadmead to have a balanced daytime and night-time economy, with active street frontages, good public transport connections, and controls over noise and drinking, making it an invigorating but safe place to live and visit.

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