Walkable Neighbourhoods

Bristol Walking Alliance wants to create an environment for those on foot that is welcoming, safe, convenient and inclusive. Neighbourhood community groups can help make this happen at a local level.

Why neighbourhoods ? They can do things to make their local area more walkable for everyone, especially the elderly, disabled, the young and those pushing a buggy.

Local groups can work on, for example:

  • strategic guidance– through local community groups, draw up local walking and public realm strategies in line with the Bristol Walking Strategy [pdf, 5.2MB]
  • improvement schemes – undertake/support schemes such as wider pavements or ‘pocket parks’ that improve the walking environment
  • obstructions – work to remove pavement obstructions by lobbying through local community groups and talking to fellow members of the community
  • routes – create local interest-based walking routes, with associated maps and leaflets

If you are interested, please get in touch.