Budget cuts to transport and design

BWA has submitted a statement to the Bristol City Council meeting due to set the council budget for 2023/24.

We are concerned by proposals to: cut discretionary transport expenditure; transfer transport staff to the West of England Combined Authority (WECA); and disband the City Design Group.… Continue reading

Survey of neighbourhood activities to improve walkability

Request for updates

Ben Barker of BWA and Let’s Walk Bedminster is updating a survey of neighbourhood activities to improve walkability that was first circulated in November 2018.  It is an attempt to identify neighbourhood-based projects that are being led by local community organisations rather than, say, the police or Bristol City Council. … Continue reading

Pavement parking – when will the government change the rules?

The Department of Transport has been conducting a review of pavement parking regulations for years. They still have not yet published proposals, but at a recent Transport Select Committee meeting, a transport minister gave an interesting insight into the current thinking.… Continue reading

House of Commons Select Committee Inquiry into Pavement Parking

The House of Commons Select Committee has launched an inquiry into pavement parking and is calling for written evidence about: the impact of pavement parking; the enforcement of pavement parking offences; enforcement and, if necessary, reform of traffic regulation orders needed to deal with pavement parking.… Continue reading