Local Plan Review: second consultation

Bristol Council has been consulting on proposed changes to the Local Plan policies. BWA has responded to the second round of consultation.

The main points in our response are:

  • the loss of priority for pedestrians. The proposed policies are not a sufficient substitute for overall pedestrian priority as in policy BCS10 of previous plan. It is important that the Local Plan links to transport plans.
  • traffic levels. There could, for example, be much more use of conditions on parking and street design.
  • air quality. We would like development with harmful emissions kept away from places where people walk. And will steps be taken through planning conditions eliminating chimneys to prevent the spread of wood-burning stoves.
  • open spaces. We welcome the formal designation of ‘local green spaces’, bringing useful additional protection and clarity. We would like a commitment to create more, especially in areas where current provision is poor, and to ensure access for walkers is easy.

Bristol Walking Alliance full response.

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