Bedminster Green Improvements

BWA has submitted comments on transport and public realm improvements proposed by Bristol City Council around Bedminster Green, an area where a huge amount of new building is at various stages of development.

BWA welcomes some of the proposals that could enhance the pedestrian environment in all directions from Bedminster Green. However, there are a number of gaps and lack of details which we hope will be included in the next version later this year.

Highlights from BWA comments under the three headings of the proposed improvements are:

Transport improvements:

  • A number of options were presented for Whitehouse Lane for the short stretch alongside the Green. BWA supported full closure to motor vehicles.
  • We support the proposed walking route north via Clarke Street and Stillhouse Lane. The route is not currently very pedestrian-friendly, and we look forward to seeing plans to improve it.
  • BWA thinks it critical that the pedestrian routes to/from the city across Gaol Ferry Bridge be assessed, and enhancements made.

Little Paradise car park:

  • At first sight, it would seem wrong to build a new car park, but BWA welcomes the proposal to consolidate car parking in one place.
  • It is noted that the overall number of parking spaces has been reduced by a modest amount.

River Malago improvements:

  • BWA supports the plans to open up more of the River Malago, which will create a more pleasant walking environment.
  • The treatment of the Green is interesting with half given over to a flood mitigation scheme and the creation of an amphitheatre as a performance space. The latter would appear to be a welcome new community asset.

The full comments can be accessed here.

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