Emerging plans for Temple Meads Station

After many years of waiting, there now seems to be some momentum towards specific plans for Temple Meads station. A masterplan study is due for completion by summer 2020. These proposals are the first phase of plans for the wider area of Temple Quarter and St Philips Marsh.

The Temple Meads station proposals include:

  • pedestrians will enjoy an enhanced direct route between the Brunel Mile crossing of Temple Gate and an enhanced northern entrance, to include a new concourse in the Midland engine shed, with ticket office and retail outlets. There will be development of public realm and buildings between the entrance and Temple Quay. All by 2025 – 2029.
  • a new eastern entrance, with access through the University of Bristol’s new Temple Campus site – by 2022. The design of the approach to this entrance is included in the University of Bristol’s Temple Campus planning application – see BWA response here.
  • a potential new southern entrance, on the Bath Road, with direct access to the station across a new bridge over the water and Cattle Market Road. This is a new proposal, which is still being worked through. It is at least 5 years away from implementation.
  • new and enhanced internal station passenger circulation. This may include a new passenger platform bridge to take the pressure off the subway.

BWA has had the opportunity to comment on the emerging proposals. It submitted a joint response with Bristol Civic Society.

The plans place pedestrians at the top of the transport hierarchy, and we support that. We support the enhanced direct route from the Brunel Mile crossing of Temple Gate, and the improvements in public realm outside the northern entrance.

We learned that the current Temple Meads proposals do not include making use of the tunnels under Temple Meads as a through pedestrian route. We think it may well be that a through-subway-route under the station is not necessary, but we do not have sight of the projected pedestrian and cyclist volumes to compare with the provision proposed.

When the draft masterplan will go to consultation later in 2020, we look to see more on:

  • access from the east and south.
  • wayfinding signage to cope with the dispersed access points.
  • specific plans for provision for disabled.
  • a cycle route to the new hub that is separate from the pedestrian route.

The following link takes you to the full BWA/BCS response.

The Bristol Civic Society’s coverage includes a diagram of the proposals.

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