Airport Road route at risk

BWA and Bristol Cycling Campaign have submitted a joint public statement to a City Council planning committee meeting that is considering a new housing development along Airport Road in South Bristol.

The developer had originally agreed to offer a 1.5m strip of land along Airport Road to allow the existing shared-use path to be upgraded to allow segregated walking and cycling. However, in the application before the planning committee this offer has been withdrawn, despite the objection of Bristol City Council Highways Officers.

We believe shared-use is not appropriate for a key strategic walking and cycling route in this part of South Bristol. The need to encourage active travel alongside new developments is essential to prevent further traffic congestion and air pollution as well as to address the climate emergency.

On new build schemes like this best practice should be designed in at the outset. Getting it wrong now will have a negative impact on the ability to make this route suitable for cycling and walking for decades to come.


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