50 Ways Progress Report 2022

A year on from first publication of our document 50 Ways to Better Walking in October 2021, we have taken a look at what has changed since.

The 50 Ways Progress Report 2022 looks at each of the ten headings and each of the 50 items within them and gives a grade according to what we see as a combination of progress towards an ‘ideal’ position and achievements in the past year.

It shows that there have been some improvements to celebrate, but there is still much more that can be done to improve the walking environment in Bristol.

We welcome the pedestrianization schemes at Old City, King Street, Cotham Hill, Princess Victoria Street. We welcome the pilot Liveable Neighbourhood scheme in St George, the School Streets schemes, and some recognition of pedestrian needs in plans for arterial roads.

But progress is slow, and some poor sites remain – e.g. the Triangle, Bath Road bridge. See our top 10 list of sites for improvement.

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