Survey of neighbourhood activities to improve walkability

Request for updates

Ben Barker of BWA and Let’s Walk Bedminster is updating a survey of neighbourhood activities to improve walkability that was first circulated in November 2018.  It is an attempt to identify neighbourhood-based projects that are being led by local community organisations rather than, say, the police or Bristol City Council.  Its aim is to celebrate these community-led actions and also encourage other communities to begin their own projects.

We are hoping that community activity has begun to re-emerge post-Covid and are looking to collect information  with a view to publishing a report early in 2023.

Are you aware of community-led activities that are aimed to make it safer, easier and more pleasant for people choosing walking rather than other means of transport for relatively short local journeys?  Or perhaps walking conditions are such that some local people choose not to go out at all?  We are especially aware that young children, people pushing buggies and those with sight, balance and mobility issues are particularly discriminated against in a poor walking environment.

If you are aware of community activity to encourage walking and make it easier, please respond to this request by, for example, sending an account of the project or supplying the name and email of a relevant community activist or organisation.  Please contact Ben at

Survey of Neighbourhood Activities-2018

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