Pavement Parking – Options for Change

Response to Department for Transport consultation

Pavement parking is a widespread problem that is known to put pedestrians at risk, especially more vulnerable pedestrians including the very young, the elderly and those with visual, mobility or cognitive impairments. The existing laws do not address the problem and there is confusion about how to report problems and who is responsible for enforcement.

Bristol Walking Alliance welcomes the House of Commons Transport Committee 2019 report on pavement parking which concludes that any concerns raised about a ban on pavement parking “must be balanced against the serious negative consequences that pavement parking has on some of the most vulnerable in our society”.

Parking on pavements, with certain exceptions, has been prohibited in Greater London for almost 40 years, and BWA supports the recommendation of the Transport Committee that “the Government legislate for a nationwide ban on pavement parking across England”. This is proposed as Option 3 on the current consultation.

We also support the recommendation for a public information campaign to help the public understand where they can park, the effects of pavement parking, and where to report offences. 

Our response to the consultation comments on each of the three options being offered.

We urge members of BWA to contribute to the consultation using the following link, to support Option 3, and to share the link with others. The consultation closes on 22nd November 2020.

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