Hotwell Road / Anchor Road

Better for buses – but what about pedestrians?

BWA has responded to Bristol City Council proposals for improving the bus route into Bristol city centre along Hotwell Road and Anchor Road.

In our response to the consultation, we state our belief that the opportunity provided by this kind of infrastructure investment is not being adequately used to improve the environment for pedestrians, who, after all, include all bus users.

We support the improvement of bus services in order to provide a city-wide system of public transport that can ease congestion, reduce pollution, and provide an efficient means of getting about for everyone.

But in our response we point out aspects of the proposals that need more attention, including:

  • provision of shelters and seats at bus stops,
  • improved road crossing points for pedestrians,
  • removal or re-siting of street furniture that obstructs the footway, and
  • reduction of footway ‘shared use’ when better cycle lanes are introduced on the road alongside.

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