Objections to BT Street Hubs

In 2018, BWA objected to 25 proposed advertising signs that were due to be sited in and around Bristol City Centre. Bristol City Council refused the applications, but several went to appeal. The supplier of the InLink units went into administration, so installation was stopped.

Now BT has put in three proposals for a slightly larger version of the same idea – called BT Street Hubs. The planning application references and locations are as follows:

BWA has put in an objection for all three units, on similar grounds to the previously proposed signs.

They would all be sited on pavements in a way that would obstruct pedestrians. The visual impact of these units, which are almost 3m high and over 1.2m wide, with large internally illuminated advertising panels, will be detrimental to the amenity of the city centre. Two of them would be located in conservation areas.

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